One of the main activities of Amrahbank is to provide business loans. The annual interest rate of business loans starts from 21% in the amount between AZN 100 and AZN 100000. It is possible to get a loan up to AZN 20,000 without hard collateral. Business loans are disbursed to customers who are in charge of following businesses: trade, production, passenger and freight transport, service sector (cafe, restaurant, beauty salons, tutoring, renting and others), construction and agriculture (as well as the sale of milk and cattle). Almost, any person with income can become a customer of Amrahbank. You can get a loan within 1-3 working days regardless of your loan with other banks. That is the difference of Amrahbank.

  • Loan amount – from AZN 100 up to AZN 100,000;
  • Annual interest rate – 21-25%, depending on the category of clients and amounts;
  • Commission fee – 0.5-2% (it is charged to customers for only their life insurance)
  • Loan duration – up to 48 months
  • Grace period- up to 9 months
  • Factual Annual Interest Rate – 21-25%
  • Collateral – household goods, business equipment, turnover assets, guarantor, or hard collateral
  • (real estate, car, jewelry, deposit)
  • The decision on loan applications takes 1-3 days;
  • The documentation of loans takes 15-20 minutes;
  • Interest on the loan is calculated on a daily basis. As a result, the interest is paid only for that
  • day. There is not any penalty for the premature closure of mortgage loans.
  • Access to parallel loan line;
  • Favourable terms on collateral - it is possible to get a loan up to AZN 20,000 without hard collateral
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