Amrahbank offers You “SMS-notification” service. “SMS-notification” is a supplementary service of Internet-Banking system and delivers useful reporting functions.

You receive notification about all operations of your card account in real-time by the use of this service. You will receive SMS-notification on each operation of your card account by sending to your mobile from our Bank

Kinds of information You can receive by the use of “SMS-notification” are:

     • Information about funds credited with your account;
     • Payments outgoing from your account;
     • Salary payment;
     • Receipt upon money transaction; 
     • Other card operations.

Connection to the service:

Connection to the service is very simple. You can approach any ATM and connect to the system for using this service.
While connecting to the system:
     • Enter your card into ATM and enter the card’s PIN-code;
     • Choose instructions’ language in the menu of ATM screen;
     • Choose “SERVICES” button after pressing “PAYMENTS” button in the main menu;
     • Enter  MOBILE GSM number after selection “SMS-NOTIFICATIONS”; if the entered number is correct, You can press relevant button to continue;
     • Then press “CONFIRM” button.

Your mobile phone will receive SMS message about connection to the service after confirmation process. If You don’t get the SMS message, call to the customer support of “Azericard” card processing center.

Advantages of the system are:

     • Connection to the service from any ATM;
     • Connection to the service from any mobile phone number;
     • Without changing sim-card;
     • Without visiting banks and mobile operator offices;
     • Getting information in real time;
     • SMS notification receiving does not depend on time and the place.

Disconnection from the service:

To disconnect from this service a cardholder has to apply to the Bank’s branches. The Bank makes a request to “Azericard” card processing center and the mobile phone number will be disconnected from the service.

AzeriCard Customer Support: +99412 5984697, +99412 5984376 (calls from stationary telephones within country are free of charge), 194 (only for calls from stationary phones).

Note: This service will be charged.
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