Established on December 28, 1993 Amrahbank is one of the leading commercial banks in Azerbaijan. The Bank is operating under the license No. 171 of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

An important stage in the history of the Bank was selling 49% of shares to the International Investment Bank (IIB) of Bahrain in 2008. The International Investment Bank, played a key role in improvement of corporate governance, various aspects of the Bank's activities, share of knowledge and experience with Amrahbank employees, etc. This strategic partnership has created ample opportunities for Amrahbank to establish mutual relations with number of leading international financial institutions. Currently, percentage of shares owned by individuals is 54.16%, whereas owned by the International Investment Bank (IIB) is 45.84%.

Amrahbank offers a wide range of banking services for legal entities and individuals. The list of services offered includes loans, opening of current and saving accounts, documentary operations, trade finance, plastic cards, money transfers, etc.

Amrahbank actively pursues a comprehensive development strategy, and one of its aims is to create and expand a branch network in many regions of Azerbaijan. Currently the bank has 21 branches and one sub-branch in Baku and regions.

The Bank's strategic plans for the near future include presentation of banking products that are consistent with the principles of Islam and Sharia, use of broad opportunities available in this field in Azerbaijan and neighboring countries.  

Amrahbank is a member of numerous specialized institutions, such as:

  • Azerbaijan Banks Association
  • Baku Interbank Currency Exchange
  • VISA International
  • Mastercard
  • Azericard
  • Azerbaijan Entrepreneurship Fund,
  • Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund
  • Azerbaijan Microfinance Association
  • Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund and etc.

Amrahbank is one of the founders of the Millikart Joint Stock Company - a card processing center of Azerbaijan.

AmrahSigorta, which cooperates with the Bank, provides its clients with various insurance products and services.

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