In Amrahbank we realise that our most valuable asset is not financial, but our people. This recognition means we strive to attract the best talent and then make the necessary investment to develop and retain them.

We recognise that Amrahbank’s future depends on the Bank’s ability to innovate and offer new solutions to our clients’ new challenges. We also understand that innovation can come from every rank of our organisation, not just executive management. We have therefore created a flat management structure where every voice is heard and assessed on its own merits.

Amrahbank is a meritocracy which means we will promote and develop our people when they are ready to take their next step and not when they have worked in a role for a set number of years.

A career in Amrahbank is much more than a job and hence we constantly strive to create an atmosphere where people feel valued, respected and rewarded. Besides competitive salaries, our employees are rewarded bonuses for good performance, as well as benefiting from generous perks that include free medical insurance, gym, academic sponsorships, etc.

Everyone who joins Amrahbank is assigned a development plan that describes the training they will receive, the performance that is expected from them and the challenges they need to overcome to further their career in Amrahbank. This development plan is unique to everybody and is constantly reviewed. Specialist training provided internally and externally is a key ingredient to continuous professional development.

Amrahbank is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on gender, race, age, religion or political views.

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed at Amrahbank then we encourage you to view our current list of open positions and apply below.

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