In Amrahbank we believe the Bank’s structure must reflect how our business works and most importantly it must be aligned to our strategy.

In 2008 Amrahbank initiated a programme of change to make the Bank’s corporate governance more robust as it embarks on a journey of ambitious expansion. This programme has necessitated a parallel change in Amrahbank’s organisational structure.

The new structure is designed with 3 key objectives:
    - To build a robust corporate governance model that will reduce enterprise risk
    - To ensure efficiency in operations and allow for speedier decision making
    - Align organisational structure with the corporate strategy to allow the Bank achieve its targets and be able to measure these achievements

Under the new structure the Bank is split into 2 core business units:
    - Corporate Banking
    - Retail Banking

Follow the links to find out more about the organisational structure:
    - Shareholder structure
    - Supervisory Board
    - Audit Committee
    - Management Board
    - Functions

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